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It happens to the best of us: we're busy all day and have no time for a proper meal. So we settle for something nearby that is unsatisfying and far from tasty. Well, we’re here to up the lunch game in the Lai Chi Kok area by providing proper sandwiches and salads made right here in our kitchen. We believe that a workday lunch does not have to be boring. We are constantly developing innovative recipes to share new and exciting flavours with you. We understand the importance of a balanced diet and provide a proper ratio of proteins in our foods – without compromising on tastiness, of course. 


Come visit us at Billion Plaza II whenever you need some good fuel to keep you going. 

 Our Ingredients


If you look closely, no two pieces of our bread are the same. Every piece is lovingly handmade in Australia and carefully shipped to us. The bread has no artificial additives or expansion agents, only natural yeast, meaning that every bite is flavourful and baked to perfection.

We also use different types of bread from our supplier. Each combination complements each other to bring out the carefully paired flavours


We’re happy to tell you we only use the finest butter made in France. Flavoured with sea salt, it has no artificial colouring or additives - just the rich texture of creamy all-natural butter. We NEVER use margarine or other substitutes because we believe in providing the best for our customers.

As for our baked goods, there’s no need to worry. We use the unsalted version of this butter in our cakes and cupcakes too!


We use extra virgin olive oil for our salads and olive pomace oil for our cooked ingredients. Our olive oil is from the Mediterranean, cold-pressed from the finest olives and unrefined and unprocessed. The olive pomace oil is extracted from olive pulp which has already been pressed once for olive oil. It has a high smoking point, making it suitable for high temperature cooking. 

Both olive and olive pomace oils are healthy and nutritious as well as flavour-enhancing, making our delicious food even better!


Our salads are handmade every morning in our kitchen. We believe that a salad should be simple and delicious, so we have a mix of leafy greens and a light dressing: extra virgin olive oil and vinaigrette. We’ll never drown our salads in heavy dressing. Our dressings enhance the natural flavours of our fresh vegetables and toppings We alternate the flavours of our salads every day - come try them all!

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